About us

Being Hindu Foundation is an Organization, focused on Knowledge sharing and making young people & youths known by introducing them to the real Hinduism & Sanatan Dharma. Helping and improving society by giving them the right knowledge, education, food & shelter to the poor is one of our biggest mission. We are connecting and bring all proud Hindus of the World to one common platform of knowledge.

Why Being Hindu Foundation
We have initiated a cause to Unite & Strengthen Hindus worldwide because there are many sites,
parties and organizations throughout but they are somehow bound under political & demographic
benefits rather than helping or Strengthening Hindus' objectives, needs or rights. Thus we founded the Being Hindu Foundation to Unite, Strengthen & Support Hindus worldwide without considering any Political or Demographic Benefits.

Our Objective
Unite & Connect Hindus World Wide. Support & Help Poor Hindu FamiliesEducate about Myths and FactsSupport to Strengthen Hindus Word WideEducate Hindus About the Dharma, Veda, Mantra other Scientific Ideologies of Great Hindu (Santan) Dharma.

Our Mission:
Connect, Unite & Strengthen Hindus Word Wide for global peace and harmony.

Why BeingHindu.com
Being Hindu is a spiritual medium that seeks to raise Hindu practises, concepts, and news across the world as well as Indian culture, spirituality, history, tradition, nature-loving, tantra, yoga, and Vedanta. The viewpoint offered by conventional media either minimises or distorts the facts. BeingHindu aspires to fill the vacuum that exists for a media platform that articulates the right perspective. With the intention of upholding Sanatan dharma, Being Hindu was established on June 21, 2012. 
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