How to Post an Article?

Dear Authors & Content Contributors,

Authors who want to publish in our Being Hindu Journal must follow the following guidelines and These guidelines aim to ensure that articles are published in a responsible and ethical manner.

Article Submission

  1. Authors should submit articles including facts, figures and contents to – please read and follow the instructions given at this site, noting that all information entered during the submission process related to the article should also be included, and be identical to the final submitted version.
  2. It is essential that authors/content-contributors could provide all supplementary information required to understand and verify the research/story presented in the article.
  3. Submitted article/content should be well formatted in grammatically correct English/Hindi.
  4. Papers must be submitted exclusively to the Being Hindu portal, and are accepted on the understanding that they have not been, and will not be, published elsewhere.
  5. The correspondence for each article must be followed only by the corresponding author.
  6. Corresponding Authors should provide an institutional and verified email address.
  7. Articles without this requirement will not be considered for evaluation or publication.
  8. The submission process requires a full declaration of the personal interests of all Authors and funding interests; these details should also be included in the Profile of the Author.


Authors must fulfil the following criteria:

  • He/she must have made a substantial contribution to content design, or to the acquisition, analysis or interpretation of data;
  • He/she must have drafted the paper or revised it critically;
    1. Do not attempt to make your output approximate or match the typeset page.
    2. Be consistent in style (i.e., units, abbreviations, language, keywords).
    3. End paragraphs in a uniform manner, and in a different manner from line endings within paragraphs. A frequently used paragraph ending is simply two carriage returns.
    4. Use single spacing in your article. Do not add extra line spacing (except as a normal paragraph ending indication) above or below titles, subheads, or between paragraphs.
    5. Avoid using copy-paste content from other portals or sites, facts must be validated.
    6. Tables and figure captions should be prepared in separate files. The authors have to indicate this material within the text.He/she must have given approval of the submitted and final versions.

Reference For Article Submission:
Sign-up & Login to Your Account > Dashboard/Menu (Mobile) > Click on "Add Post" Button.

The Being Hindu Foundation Team.